Aims and Objectives:
The primary aim of the school is to impart to its students a sound moral education based on the principles and values inherent in the Indian tradition. The emphasis is an Indian culture and heritage so as to develop character and mould the future citizens of India.
Efforts are made to:

  • Help students to become mature, value oriented citizens.
  • Encouraging them to continually strive for excellence.
  • Disperse them to value their freedom and use it judiciously.
  • Teach them to be courageous and firm on the principles.
  • Inspire them to be selfless, while serving others.
  • Install in them the drive and will to initiate social change.

Further our students trained LKG to UKG in acquiring good habits, a sense of cleanliness and orderliness so as to prepare them to become good responsible citizens.
The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.
Boys and Girls are eligible for admission in the L.N. class at the age of 3+. As it is desirable that children seeking admissions in classes L.N., U.N. and KG are exposed to the pre-primary system, only oral interviews of the guardians and the children are taken and admissions are granted only on basis of the interviews. Every student seeking admission in class I and above is assessed on the basis of written tests.
Medium of Instruction:
The medium of instruction is English, Hindi/Bengali is a second language while Hindi/Bengali is taught as a compulsory third language from Class V to VIII.