L.N. : English No. Work, Rhymes, Conversation, Singing, Games, Art/Craft and Physical Education.
U.N.: English, No. Work, Rhymes, Hindi/Bengali, General Knowledge, Singing, Games, Art/Craft, Conversion and Physical Education.
K.G: English, No. Work, Rhymes, Hindi/Bengali, General Knowledge, Singing, Games, Art/Craft, Conversion and Physical Education.
I To IV: English, Hindi/Bengali, Mathematics, Social Studies, General Science, Computer, Art/Craft and Physical Education.
V To VIII: English, Hindi/Bengali, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, General Science, 3rd Language, Computer, Art & Craft, Library and Physical Education.
IX To X: English, Hindi/Bengali, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer, Art, Library and Physical Education.

The school has well equipped computer section with up to date hardware and software for the students, so that students can get adequate knowledge to compete with the present world.

Co. Curricular Activities:
Emphasis is given to Co-Curricular activities for the all round development of students and to nurture their diverse talents. The house system, an important aspect of our school, fasters and encourages keen and healthy competition among the students in all aspects of the school life both within the class rooms and on the play fields.

Physical Education:
A sound mind can only exist in a sound body. Students are encouraged to take part in games and sports. Physical Education is important to students by our Physical Instructors.

The School follows a system of continuous assessment for classes L.N. to K.G. For classes I to V there are weekly tests and three terminal examinations i.e. First terminal, Second terminal and Third terminal Examinations. Students of classes IX and X are evaluated strictly in accordance with the regulations of the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. Promotion in each class depends on the overall performance of the student during the entire year

Attendance is another factor considered for promotion. A student with attendance below 80% is normally not allowed to appear for examinations.

Report Cards:
Pupils are issued report cards after an examination which is required to be returned to the class teacher after being duly signed by the parent/guardian. In case of loss of the report card, a new is issued at nominal of Rs. 50/-

The decision of the school authorities regarding promotion is final and binding on all concerned.

At the closer of school’s calendar year, prizes are awarded to outstanding pupils in academics. Achievements in sports are also awarded with merit awards, trophies, momentous and medals.