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G.S.S. Girls School, the crystallized benevolent vision of Sardar P. S. Sondhi is at present under the haven of our revered secretary Mrs. Ranjit Kaur, the guiding light who with her infinite inspiration to the staff members has marged them to reach the desired goal visioned by the founder of the institution.
With her indomitable intellectual and emotional power she stands as a fortress, to bear all tempest and is never shaken in her path of duty towards the field of education and to the nation at large. Her ceaseless efforts help her to explore new avenues to extend the imagination of the very revered father of the institution.

G.S.S Girls' School is an academic institution whose purpose is to provide a program to meet the educational needs of students from the Nursery level to class X. The School is co-educational Nursery level to Class V only for girls'. At G.S.S. Girls' School, our efforts are to focus on developing each student's intellectual, cultural, moral, physical and emotional abilities to their fullest, in co-operation with the parents, within the scope of the schools capabilities. The school seeks to offer a board set of challenging and educational experience in an environment that is safe, orderly and supportive. The philosophy of the school is contained in its motto "Overcome Evil with Good." Through education we can promote human honor and dignity, understanding, amity, co-operation, trust, worthiness, compassion and desire to serve.
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